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How to ACT Instead of Stewing on Your Thoughts
Episode 4421st July 2020 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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In this episode, Rachel is joined by Dr Shani Langdon, a Clinical Psychologist specialising in mindfulness-based approaches. In this episode we discuss Acceptance and Commitment therapy a powerful way to deal with emotions and move forwards in our lives. 

Shani is an ACT practitioner and we discuss the three stages, firstly how we can choose to fuse with our thoughts and fully integrate and identify with them or choose to let them go, secondly how we can help ourselves accept the feelings that may be there without trying to change anything. Finally, acting consistently with our values allows us to take action rather than just stewing in our own thoughts. 

We chat about the importance of approaching thoughts and feelings with curiosity rather like David Attenborough examining a new species of insect, and how mindfulness techniques can help with this, help us feel grounded and also help increase our self-compassion.

Finally, we discuss Russ Harris’s (author of The Happiness Trap) FACE COVID principles developed during the COVID crisis that help us to focus on what’s in our control, acknowledge our thoughts and feelings and open ourselves up to committed action. 

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