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(Ep. 53) Health is Rooted in Personal Responsibility with Nichole Keuchle
Episode 536th June 2021 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we welcome Nichole Kuechle to talk about what it truly entails in order to heal our children. The answer may be more surprising then you think! When we realize that we are intimately connected to the people and world around us, we are invited to take responsibility for our health. In failing to do so we are only hurting ourselves and those around us...and those coming out of us!

Nichole Kuechle is a Holistic Practitioner serving clients both locally and internationally with a multi-faceted approach transforming the health of families for over 20 years. She founded the Happy Healthy Kids & Empower Your Pregnancy Telesummits and the My Healthy Beginning lifestyle magazine. Her first book, Adapt: Building Your Resilience and the Ability to Thrive, is due to publish in the fall of 2021. She splits her time between in-office clients and her remote coaching practice. When not serving in-office clients and her remote coaching practice, she lives with her husband and three children where they love to spend time both in the kitchen and outdoors exploring and adventuring together.

Show Notes ||

0:00 | Introduction

7:30 | How did Nichi's story unravel?

12:00 | Muscle Testing was the missing link for Nichi!

14:30 | The importance of mother engagement in the healing process

17:40 | How does Nichi use supplements with kids?

21:27 | Emotions are the biggest toxin?

22:30 | Healing is rooted in personal responsibility

26:15 | How does understanding the bigger picture fit into Nichi's practice?

33:00 | Uniting science and religion, all is one

35:00 | Kelly shares her experience of healing herself in order to help her son

36:45 | Meeting people where they allows us to do so much more

39:50 | Our ability to heal ourselves, Kelly & Nichi are here to help you do just that

42:45 | The pressure behind the medical system

45:00 | We need to empower women to take care of their family!

54:00 | How can you get children off screens?

59:20 | What is Nichi's secret for the world?



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Connect with Nicole||

instagram: @myhealthybeginning & @nichihirschkuechle

facebook: Nichole Hirsch Kuechle


YouTube: My Healthy Beginning





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