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Episode 49: Tithe brag, Radish sandwiches, Building a Bomb, Gremlins, PG-13, Jaws, Hedge explained, David Carradine and the buddy system
Episode 4925th June 2020 • More Later... • Brett Baker
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After taking a break the guys are back with a new episode featuring someone who brags about tithing, radish and butter sandwiches, and mashed potatoes that will cause a heart attack. Knot tying is fun, magnifying glasses can start fires, and Brett and Brian built a bomb without killing themselves. Gremlins caused some problems, and created a new movie rating which didn’t make sense, don’t put Brett in charge of fighting Gremlins, Jaws is awesome, Chuck Norris is Lonewolf McQuade, Brian doesn’t know what hedge means, and Brian could have saved David Carradine and Michael Hutchence