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We Were Born Worthy with Oriana Guevara | FTW Episode 18
Episode 1822nd September 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Coach Oriana is a personal performance coach, certified relationship coach, author, and speaker. She specializes in supporting men and women to UP-Level and become agents of change in their life, relationships, business, career, and community. She teaches entrepreneurs, executives, and career professionals:

  • Self-Mastery, which includes how to lead with integrity and find freedom through personal responsibility,
  • How to design a high-performance life of fulfilling outcomes, and
  • How to build a legacy that changes the trajectory of future generations

In this podcast with Oriana Guevara, we discuss the power of breaking the cycle of abuse, overcoming the beliefs that enable a victim mentality, and how we can REMEMBER that we were born WORTHY. YOU ARE AWESOME and I hope this podcast supports you in remembering that :)


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