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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 6th April 2017
105 Biomedical ADHD Beyond Appearances – Greenblatt
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105 Biomedical ADHD Beyond Appearances – Greenblatt

Core Biomedical ADHD | Executive Function Challenges

Dr. James Greenblatt, a child psychiatrist, and functional medicine expert has seen thousands of children and young adults through the years who have struggled with the symptoms of ADHD such as inattentiveness, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, irritability or combativeness. Dr. Greenblatt's views are at once simple and complex:

ADHD is not a behavior or discipline problem, but a genetically driven neurological, biomedically measurable condition. There are no one-size-fits-all answers for Executive Function treatment – it doesn’t work that way. Everyone has a unique pattern of deficiencies and excesses that can imbalance the brain. Correcting these deficiencies and excesses - adding what is needed and subtracting what is not - is the solution.

Listen carefully, friends, as Dr. Greenblatt and I sing together with a growing chorus from the same biomedical hymnal. We're overdue for the redefinition of Executive Function to became Finally Focused.

Dr. Greenblatt's Activities

Dr. Greenblatt, MD, is an integrative psychiatrist and leading expert in behavioral and medical disorders such as ADHD, OCD, Eating Disorders – Anorexia, Binge Eating - as well as Depression and Anxiety. He has been treating patients since 1990 and has dedicated his career to providing patient-centered care and educating his colleagues on integrative psychiatry. Dr. Greenblatt currently serves as the chief medical officer and vice president of medical services at Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, Massachusetts and is on the clinical faculty at Tufts Medical School and Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine.

Editor's Note On The Evolution of Biomedical ADHD

Dr. Greenblatt is on the same path as many who listen here to CBJ and have followed my videos on biomedical interventions for evolved "ADHD" diagnosis and treatment over at my YouTube Channel. To take just a bit of liberty with Dr. Greenblatt's excellent contribution here, it's clear that we both agree with the fact that the current diagnostic criteria for ADHD are based upon superficial, behavioral assessments that simply don't address brain function. That point cannot be overstated and is driven by combining clinical observations with biomedical data.

"ADHD" challenges provide a clear encouragement for the updated use of new, cost-effective, discoverable, biomedical realities that encourage change throughout the entire standard of medication-for-appearances. We all need a global upgrade from our current rabbit hole, Excellent, but not enough.

If we're treating thinking without thinking about thinking consider the additional implications for diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety and mood disorders.


To take this point just a bit further personally: It's my opinion, and I know that Dr. Greenblatt agrees, that the remarkable prevalence of treatment failure with stimulants for ADHD, the reason for the ubiquitous controversy, arises from the multiple misunderstandings outlined in this CBJ/105 Episode. Listen up, he shares his deep personal insights without hesitation.

Biomedical ADHD Explained

Dr. Greenblatt’s book, Finally Focused, is a book-length prescription and manual that provides all the background information and practical guidelines needed to confidently treat your ADHD child or yourself. This book on biomedical ADHD details coupled with your efforts will be enough to effectively relieve the symptoms of ADHD, learning how to balance interventions, and thereby control imbalanced, counterproductive behaviors of all kinds. If medication is necessary, his approach will minimize any side effects by using natural treatments first and medications only when necessary.

Finally Focused is a must read for parents who suspect their child may be ADHD. It’s also a must-read for every adult who feels they may also suffer from ADHD, as well as for educators, scientists, and clinicians. His Plus-Minus Plan is an important outline for solutions to correct identified biomedical deficiencies and excesses.


Book, Websites, and References


Dr. Greenblatt Reports: Solutions Here at CBJ/105

  • Early I realized medications were a band-aid with side effects [spp-timestamp time="3:11"]
  • The most important functional medicine concept: everyone is different [spp-timestamp time="5:01"]
  • How I test for, assess, biomedical complexity [spp-timestamp time="6:52"]
  • Genetic testing and Genomind [spp-timestamp time="8:00"]
  • Understanding gut dysbiosis and tests for it [spp-timestamp time="9:49"]
  • Notes on the Great Plains Laboratory for biomedical testing [spp-timestamp time="11:30"]
  • Candida and Biofilm discussed here at CBJ/097 [spp-timestamp time="12:26"]
  • Research confirms functional medicine findings [spp-timestamp time="18:27"]
  • How soon food sensitivity diets show improvement [spp-timestamp time="20:56"]
  • The significance of trace element testing [spp-timestamp time="22:02"]
  • My protocol for follow up [spp-timestamp time="31:15"]
  • We discuss neurotransmitter testing [spp-timestamp time="32:40"]
  • Discussion on Great Plains Environmental Toxin testing [spp-timestamp time="35:00"]


My Supportive Remarks Also Address The Medication Side


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What an interesting discussion this is - and with such a profound and timely global significance. Special thanks, Jim, for your insights into the essential biomedical details for Executive Function Challenges that provide a more clear biomedical ADHD understanding for more predictable outcomes.


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