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Out of the USSR, out of cancer! Never surrender
Episode 2153rd December 2023 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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An interview podcast giving the inside scoop of what happens in comedy scenes across the globe and dedicated to speaking to the mavericks in the comedy world. We have a spectacular guest for the show, Helen Prior.

Helen is a former art historian, and comedian with Ukrainian and Russian ancestry. She transformed herself from a cancer victim into a victorious survivor, where she relishes life and has embarked on many adventures. She has now got into comedy as it is a great substitute for everything what she thinks women of her age are missing in life – attention, love and a new career. She is a very forthright, straight-shooter and some say controversial, here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[02:00]] How my life changed after cancer [[05:31]]

[[05:52]] My life outside compared with my life in comedy to [[12:07]]

[[18:51]] USSR and uk becoming similar to [[21:15]]

[[30:50]] Socialism doesn’t work to [[34:01]]

[[38:26]] American audiences love me [[42:37]]

[[42:52]] Advice I would give to my younger self [[47:52]]

If you would like to know more about Helen, you can go on here website here: and you can also buy your own copy of Helens book, Adventures of an old c*nt:

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