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21. 4 Key Emails To Send Mini-Sessions Clients
Episode 2121st June 2021 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Welcome back to the Business Journey Podcast! If you haven't noticed yet, our episodes lately are really focusing on mini-sessions. And, there's a reason! We're almost to prime mini-session season and I want you to be well-prepared to host the most amazing and profitable sessions you've ever had. Today, we're talking about 4 key emails to send mini-session clients that will take your client experience to a whole new level. (PS. If you're still trying to decide what KIND of mini-session to host, I've got a free resource for you with 12 proven mini-session themes. Grab it here!)


I think that sometimes photographers believe mini-sessions are so short that your client experience gets stunted. I've heard people say they can't serve their clients well for only a mini-session! But, I beg to differ. In my opinion, you can still serve them well leading up to your mini-session. Your session is going to go by quickly. There's no denying that. So instead, really crate a valuable client experience on leading up to the actual photos. One easy way to do that is the emails you send to clients ahead of time. I personally use Dubsado to setup these emails and you can actually get my whole Dubsado workflow HERE! Here's FOUR emails to send mini-session clients that will uplevel your client experience.

Client Questionnaire

I send a simple questionnaire to every single min-session client. This questionnaire helps me get to know them better and know how I abetter serve them. I ask about their families, their photo history, and if there's special needs I should be aware of. My questionnaire truly ensures that we're going to make the most of their 15 minutes with me! When I'm in the middle of sessions, I can even glance at it quickly before the next family comes so I'm ready for them. If you want a copy of this questionnaire, you can get it HERE!  It's a no brainer!

Client Experience Guide

Another automated email I send to my mini-session clients is my Client Experience guide. This is a PDF guide I created that includes tips about what to wear and what to expect before, during, and after their session as well as tips to help make sure their session is a success. The whole purpose of the guide is to answer questions they may have before they even ask them! Mine is designed specifically for families and I only ever hear positive things from my clients about it! If you want a copy of my Canva template, you can grab that HERE

Final Info Email

I call this my "famous final info email" because I talk about it a TON with my students! This email is jam-packed with information for my clients and they get it right before their session. It's designed to literally answer any question I could get in the last day or so before their session - things like specific directions, the time of their slot, reminders about what to wear and more. I want to help my clients feel prepared, so I over communicate and make sure there's nothing left to chance. Worried about writing all of these emails for your clients? I've got you covered! Grab my email templates in the shop!

Request for Review

The last email I send is the one that's often forgotten by photographers: a request for a review. After you've delivered your gallery, one of the best things you can do for your business is to request a review. The whole world runs on social proof these days - so GET IT from your clients right away! Make it easy for your clients and link your Facebook page, Google reviews, or any other spot you might want them to write their review. And don't be afraid to ask specific questions like how they felt during the session, about the experience, and if they liked the photos.

It's SO easy to add these four emails into your workflow but it's honestly astounding how deeply it impacts your client's experience with you and your business. With my email templates, these emails are super easy to put together and you can uplevel your client experience literally overnight. I recommend getting these added into your workflow now, before busy season hits and you'll be ready for the best set of mini-sessions yet!

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