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Craig Albee for Mark Jensen (letter from the grave case)
Episode 829th August 2023 • For the Defense with David Oscar Markus • rakontur
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Was it suicide or was it murder? Craig Albee sits down with David Oscar Markus to discuss whether Mark Jensen murdered his wife with antifreeze or whether she committed suicide.

Craig Albee is the federal defender in Wisconsin. And he's tried lots of cases. But nothing like this one, which has led to books, movies, and of course, podcasts. Known as the "letter from the grave" case, Julie Jensen wrote a letter shortly before her death saying that if she turned up dead, her husband "would be my first suspect." Albee and the defense said that this was just a set up and that she actually committed suicide. Check out the wild twists and turns of these multiple murder trials as David Oscar Markus explores the strategies with Albee for defending a man accused of murder.




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