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How Marketing Has Changed for Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations
15th May 2023 • Marketing Wins • Valerie Morris
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In this episode you will learn:

  • How marketing has changed in the recent months.
  • Marketing challenges that companies face today.
  • The transition from traditional to digital marketing.
  • How the relationship between marketing and sales has changed.
  • How the customer buying process has changed in recent years.
  • Why it is important to adjust your marketing tactics periodically.
  • How to get in the mindset of your customers, especially for younger customers. 
  • Why it is important to understand how marketing affects other business functions such as HR.
  • Why the brand story is becoming more important for customers.
  • The art and science of telling stories and making those stories interesting for clients.
  • How decision making affects planning marketing strategy.
  • The questions that Burt helps clients answer.
  • Successful marketing tactics that Burt has implemented for clients. 
  • How to advise clients on the best marketing tactics.
  • The psychology of marketing.
  • Why it is important to break down silos in organizations.
  • How to understand the value of each customer for marketing agencies. 
  • Why the branding approach should start with discussions around brand values.
  • Is email still an effective marketing channel?
  • Marketing for non-profit organizations.
  • How nonprofits can build a brand in a changing marketplace. 
  • The marketing needs of nonprofits.
  • How nonprofits can build a purposeful marketing strategy.
  • Why discipline and consistency is important in marketing.
  • How to approach marketing in a fragmented world where people are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day.
  • How to build trust with customers in the digital world. 
  • Actions that you can do today to get your next marketing win. 
  • Why it is important to keep your professional network updated on how your services evolve.

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