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Lindsay Han; Journal for More Ease
15th July 2016 • Systems Saved Me® • Jordan Gill
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On today’s show, I am discussing the importance of journaling with business owner and life coach, Lindsay Han. With a background in Neuroscience, Lindsay has had a long journey towards becoming a life coach. Now, she coaches twenty and thirty-something women on their careers and personal endeavors. Lindsay makes a point to journal for at least thirty minutes every day.

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  • (8:35) The best time to write
  • (10:13) The best amount of time to write
  • (11:30) What to write about when you’re tapped for ideas
  • (12:38) Writing with pen and paper vs. a computer
  • (13:30) Benefits of talking things out
  • (14:58) Setting the habit     
  • (16:20) Emotional and intellectual benefits of life coaching

Quote of the Week:

“Writing, in essence, allows you to dump everything out on paper.” –Lindsay Han


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