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Singing The Blues : Sheffield Wednesday Podcast - Dom And James; Dom Howson; James Marriott EPISODE 8, 4th September 2019
Is Dan the Man for Wednesday?

Is Dan the Man for Wednesday?

Three defeats in four for Wednesday in the Championship as Lee Bullen's men lose 2-1 to QPR at Hillsborough.

Is Bully's time up?

Is Danny the boy for Dejphon?*

Could Pulis still prove a pull for The Owls?

Plus we hear from Bullen himself along with Dominic Iorfa (very briefly).

#Owlpinions reveals whether we LOVE or HATE Atdhe, and this week's asks which Wednesday player should have played their country - but never did.

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* Rejected puns included:

  • Until The Cowleys Come Home?
  • Cowley to Owls... or a load of bull?
  • Cowley set for Wednesday moo-ve?
  • Cowley to Wednesday? Pull the Udders one
  • Holy Cowley! Tony’s Hoof ball... or is Danny the boy?
  • Is Cowley ready for pastures new?