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Water, Grains, Yeast, and Hops
Episode 31st August 2021 • Beer Feelings • Natalie Rae Jones
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In episode three, Natalie FINALLY gets to dive into what makes beer, well… Beer. Join her for a fun and flirty lesson on the ingredients that go into craft beer and how they work together to make our favorite boozy beverage.

Time stamps:

1:35 – Bread and beer basics

2:25 – Water, Grains, Yeast, and Hops

3:57 – Changing things up by swapping ingredients

5:09 – Changing things up by altering the order and temperature in which ingredients are combined

7:06 – Adding in extras


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The Beer Feelings Podcast is the only show out there created specifically for women who are new to, a little intimidated by, or just curious about the craft beer industry. Welcome to the community!