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Interview With Marketing Upheaval Expert, Rudy Fernandez – Part 1
Episode 3010th June 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Rudy Fernandez is the founder of Creative Outhouse, a creative marketing agency that specializes in launching brands, and is the host of the Marketing Upheaval podcast. His knowledge of and experience in the science of behavior change helps his clients communicate their deeper purpose, win more fans, and strengthen their brands. Though some clients have put projects on pause, Rudy has still stayed busy with client work during the COVID-19 shutdowns. (We recorded this episode in the midst of the social distancing mandates.) Rudy is currently working on two brand launches for clients in the utilities industry and is tackling a few projects that have been on the back burner.

In the first part of our conversation, Rudy and I discussed his background in journalism and how he got into the advertising industry. We also spoke about:

  • How Rudy started Radio Outhouse in 2001
  • Why Rudy chose not to phase out of radio writing and what that has allowed him to do throughout his career
  • What exactly behavior change marketing is and how companies utilize it
  • The work that Rudy’s company does in addition to radio campaigns
  • The company’s name change from Radio Outhouse to Creative Outhouse
  • Rudy’s work producing mini podcasts for physicians to utilize with their patients
  • Why Rudy started his podcast and what it has morphed into
  • How Creative Outhouse helps clients take their consumers from learning about their product/service to becoming raving fans
  • How copy is written for the ear as opposed to just being written in general
  • How a junior copywriter at Podfest went from being incredibly shy to a highly skilled performer, podcaster, and writer
  • The importance of having only one thought in a line in radio as well as reading out loud when writing audio

You can find more information on Rudy on his company’s website and can listen to his podcast at

You can also find Rudy and Creative Outhouse on the following social platforms:

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