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How to listen deeply in a conversation
Episode 4130th May 2024 • Mindset, Mood & Movement: Performance, Purpose & Peace • Sal Jefferies
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The importance of effective and deep listening is SO important. It's the fundamental exchange between two people. Whether it's an important business conversation or a loved one - being able to listen properly, fully and deeply will change your relationship and so many positive ways.

I have encountered poor listening in many domains of my life. In this short, insightful episode I'm sharing my '6 levels of listening'. Improving our ability to listen is a great skill that has so many benefits.

The '6 levels of listening'.

1⃣ Broadcast Mode (talking without listening at all)

2⃣ It's Still About Me (asking questions but not being present)

3⃣ I Know Best (listening to respond or give advice)

4⃣ Five Minutes of Airtime (listening attentively for a short while)

5⃣ Hear and Be Heard (truly understanding the speaker)

6⃣ Deep Listening (sensing the resonance beyond just words)

Mastering deep listening at Level 6 is a beautiful thing.. You'll connect with others on a profound level and make them feel truly heard and understood.

Key Learnings:

  1. Effective listening is crucial for better communication, relationships, and negotiations.
  2. Many people get stuck at lower levels of listening, such as broadcast mode or listening to respond.
  3. Deep listening involves quieting the inner narrative, being present, and sensing the resonance beyond just the words.
  4. Practicing deep listening can profoundly transform interactions and relationships.

Show Notes:

00:00 - 00:50: Introduction to the importance of effective listening.

00:50 - 01:40: Level 1 - Broadcast mode (talking without listening).

01:40 - 02:10: Level 2 - It's still about me (asking questions but not being present).

02:10 - 03:00: Level 3 - I know best (listening to respond or give advice).

03:00 - 03:40: Level 4 - Five minutes of airtime (listening attentively for a short while).

03:40 - 04:50: Level 5 - Hear and be heard (truly understanding the speaker).

04:50 - 06:20: Level 6 - Deep listening (sensing the resonance beyond just words).

06:20 - 07:20: Encouragement to practice deep listening and notice its transformative effects.

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