Technology's impact on Fast Casual Dining with Geoff Alexander
Episode 117th May 2019 • Fast Casual Insider • National Restaurant Association
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In the first episode of the Fast Casual Insider podcast, host Jerry White sits down with Wow Bao President and Managing Partner of Lettuce Entertain You Geoff Alexander. Geoff shares his insights into how he thinks about technology and innovation for Wow Bao, the role 3rd party delivery services are playing and how he’s managed to stay at Lettuce Entertain You for over 26 years.

  • [01:35] - Geoff's journey to Lettuce Entertain You
  • [05:30] - Incorporating Technology & Innovation into Wow Baos culture
  • [08:30] - The role Social Media has played at Wow Bao
  • [09:42] - How to harness technology and still maintain a personal touch
  • [13:07] - Improving everyone’s life with technology, not just the customer
  • [17:32] - Disruption vs. Innovation and why you need both
  • [20:05] - The role of 3rd party delivery services
  • [21:58] - Technology, Social Media and Marketing
  • [25:08] - The role data can play in running your restaurant
  • [26:25] - The Fast Casual Industry Council

Since 2009, Alexander has served as President of Wow Bao; Lettuce Entertain You’s quick-serve concept featuring Steamed Bao (meat and vegetable filled “hot Asian buns”) a popular portable snack throughout Asia. Under Alexander’s leadership, Wow Bao has revolutionized the way diners interact with restaurants by being a leader in technology and social media. With Alexander’s guidance, Wow Bao has implemented mobile & desktop on-line ordering, added bicycle delivery, and domestic shipping, installed self-ordering kiosks, pioneered a mobile gift card & loyalty platform, and has turned Wow Bao into a well -respected Chicago Social Media influencer.

Our host, Jerry White, has worked in operations, in foodservice distribution, and then in media sales, holding top sales and management positions with several leading food media companies during the past 35+ years. Jerry joined the team at Plate magazine in early 2010 as associate publisher and continues in that role providing solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and organizations as they anticipate tomorrow’s industry challenges.

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