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Deon Mixon — Making Design Fun!
Episode 159th February 2021 • Works In Process w/ George Garrastegui, Jr. • George Garrastegui, Jr,
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Our guest, Deon Mixon is a Designer, Educator, and Author from Detroit, Michigan. He's a graduate of West Michigan University and alumni of Cass Tech. Deon also wrote a series of books called The Lethal Creed Saga and is a brand identity designer at Gyro.

Our conversation is focused on the fact that he is the creator of the world's first graphic design educational board game, Design Eye that was fully funded on Kickstarter. We focus on How board games are a great way to teach design to young creatives. How he conceived the idea and why having people of color exposed to creativity so important for the future of the profession.


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A podcast series by George Garrastegui, Jr. — designer, educator, and creative catalyst. Works In Process is a collection of discussions that exploring and demystify the creative process. I interview individuals to gain more insight into the ways they work and the projects they produce.

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