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Ep #13 - Social Media Fatigue
16th February 2019 • The LITO Podcast • LITO
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Humans, we have a problem. Social media fatigue is REAL and if you're feeling ANXIOUS, DRAINED, FOMO and like you're under a constant spell with poor self-control over your e-urges, you're not alone. Yep, we are all behaving like chimpanzees and it's one heckavu fugly sight. Learn 5 tips on how to handle social media fatigue like a champ (and not chimp). --------- Your well-being is everything. If you're looking to have 1:on:1 life coaching from Dan, we have a very special rate (at 1/3 of the usual price) just for our podcast listeners. Please check out: --------- Come say hi! Rebecca online: Dan online: --------- We're now also on Spotify Stitcher Castbox