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316: Creating A Breathwork App with Brian Von Ancken
30th June 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Today’s session is all about building a breathwork app. It’s an interesting and nuanced process that most of us don’t understand. Breathwork can be a vital part of any therapy practice, and it is a tool that we should better understand. Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Brian Von Ancken

Brian Von Ancken is Head of Partnerships at Brian and I met on Twitter, which has been a great place for me to connect and engage with many amazing people. Brian’s app is one of the top products on Product Hunt, and I’m curious about why he created an app like this that focuses on health and wellness. We will also talk about the technical aspects of creating a breathwork app. 


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You’ll Learn:

  • Brian’s personal journey, finding wellness after difficulties, that led him to Othership
  • How Brian’s law degree benefits him in the entrepreneurial world
  • The biggest mental roadblocks that were in Brian’s way
  • Lessons learned in putting yourself “out there” on social media
  • How Brian connected with the Othership founder and ended up partnering together
  • How Brian’s breathwork app gained popularity through Product Hunt, a website that features new and useful products 
  • How Othership is trying to fuel a movement toward peak experiences and elevated wellness
  • How the app material is recorded by breathwork facilitators in a high-quality production process
  • How Brian has struggled to remain authentic along the journey

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