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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 7, 14th May 2020
Dune - Chapter 7

Dune - Chapter 7

Farewell Caladan, Hello Arrakis. Our shuttle just arrived this morning, but everyone is already busy as can be. We get our first glimpse of the Atreides' new home and check in on Lady Jessica. Honestly, she just can’t catch a break today, and I fear for the next person who reminds her she is not married to the Duke. We take care of our “wine-burden” and keep coming back to that bull…

-El Muerte is here!

-Our first Fremen

-Romani Curses

-The Glossary Game is deceptively simple, and Derek does not like it

Episode Guide

02:40 Chapter Summary Begins

01:16:10 Chakobsa and Romani Curses

02:04:20 Glossary Game: Fanmetal, Stunner



Burgenland Red 2018

“We literally picked it because there's a picture of a cow on the front it.”