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Pretty Boy: The Reality of Youth Trafficking
18th April 2024 • Saint Louis In Tune • Motif Media Group
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An in-depth conversation with Kevin Coleman-Cohen, a director, producer, filmmaker, and educator deeply involved in social issues. Kevin discusses his film 'Pretty Boy,' which focuses on the life of a homeless male black teenager navigating survival sex in St. Louis. The narrative offers a poignant insight into male sex trafficking and exploitation, challenging stereotypes and highlighting the issue's complexity.

Kevin shares his career journey, emphasizing storytelling's power and advocating for the unheard and unvalued. The discussion also touches on the importance of giving back, creating experiences, and the critical role organizations like Youth in Need play in supporting at-risk youth. The episode aims to enlighten listeners about the realities of youth exploitation, the creative process in filmmaking, and the impact of community involvement in addressing such pressing social issues.

[00:00] Exploring Gender Stereotypes in Trafficking

[00:09] Introducing 'Pretty Boy' and Its Director

[00:34] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune

[00:49] A Lighthearted Banter with Mark Langston

[01:28] Addressing Community Needs and Transportation Issues

[03:55] Kevin Coleman's Journey and Achievements

[06:19] The Reality of Youth Trafficking and Exploitation

[10:43] Youth in Need: A Beacon of Hope

[16:20] Kevin Coleman's Filmmaking Journey and Inspirations

[23:28] Raising Awareness: 'Pretty Boy' at the National Crime Victims Awareness Week

[24:40] Supporting the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

[25:41] About Saint Louis In Tune

[27:19] Meet Kevin Coleman-Cohen: A Filmmaker's Journey

[27:38] Accolades and Recognition for 'Pretty Boy'

[28:43] The Emotional and Financial Journey of Making 'Pretty Boy'

[30:53] Inspiration Behind 'Pretty Boy': Addressing Youth in Need

[38:23] The Challenges of Addressing Human Trafficking and Sex Work

[44:44] The Filmmaking Process and Funding Challenges

[48:34] Kevin's Vision for Future Filmmaking and Storytelling

[51:42] Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers and Addressing Trafficking Victims

Crime Victims' Awareness Week Film Screening & Expert Panel

Help is available; speak with someone today

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week. Languages: English, Spanish.
  • 888-373-7888 SMS: Text INFO to 233733

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