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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 162, 22nd February 2021
2 Reasons Why Most Podcasts Don't Reach 100k Downloads and Are Not Profitable
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2 Reasons Why Most Podcasts Don't Reach 100k Downloads and Are Not Profitable

PDS #162

A podcast is a lot like a business.. as you progress there are problems every business owner faces....

For example:

In the online space its usually

Create an Offer

Get Lead Flow for the offer

Sell the leads

Fulfill on the product

Build Fulfilment systems

Create Scalable Marketing Systems

Get off the Phone

Train and Coach Your Team

Podcasting is not too different however there are fewer steps:

Setup and Launch the podcast successfully

Get Lead Flow for the podcast

Convert the leads into raving fans & clients

Repeat steps 2 & 3

Steps 1 and 2 are typically the hardest, and if done wrong getting to #3 is impossible.

Here's how you fix these steps

#1 Set up the podcast for maximizing your growth and revenue from the show.

Like choosing a business model, there are different "podcasting models" to use that impact your ability to grow, stand out from the competition, and monetize.

If you've already started and haven't been seeing the traction you've wished for then this may be the reason for it.

#2 Get Lead Flow for the podcast. (No its not about sharing on social media)

Eventually, your podcast downloads will come off that launch high and settle down. Typically this means you've reached your max warm audience.

But when it comes to getting out in front of new listeners there's little thought put into this.

We're often told to

get on other podcasts

get your guests to share

post in Facebook groups

These aren't bad suggestions but they are useless unless we execute them properly and where most people go wrong is in the details.

Whether it's hitting your first 1k, 10k or 100k downloads the if you want to solve these two main problems:

identifying the right structure for your podcast (that meets your goals)

learning/implementing a strategy for consistently getting in front of new people


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