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Karelin Wadkins MFT: Menopause, Addiction, and Losing a Parent
Episode 2216th April 2024 • Mindful Mutiny • Jeremy Van Wert
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to another empowering episode of the Mindful Mutiny Podcast, where we explore

positivity, incredible life stories, achievement, spirituality, and human

potential. I'm Jeremy Van Wert, your host, a CEO, Therapist, and

Transformational coach dedicated to helping you break free from burnout and



this episode, we're honored to have Karelin Wadkins as our guest. Karelin,

armed with a Bachelor's Degree in History and a Master's Degree in Marriage and

Family Therapy from California State University Hayward, has dedicated her life

to making a positive impact. Visit for more content and check out my social media

channels at


expertise shines in her work with women in menopause, and her impact is

beautifully represented by a unique collection of cards from former clients.

Each card symbolizes a transformative journey, including a special handmade one

from a courageous young woman navigating anxiety and depression. Learn more

about Karelin and her insightful work at



us in this episode as we delve into Karelin's journey, her commitment to being

a guiding voice, and her role as a source of comfort for those navigating the

challenges of recovery. The Mindful Mutiny Podcast is available on Apple,

Spotify, and YouTube. Don't miss this empowering conversation. #MindfulMutiny

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