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How to create content for your pet business if you're not a confident writer
Episode 3912th November 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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How do you feel when it comes to writing about your pet business?

Do you worry that you sound bossy, or that you’re boasting, or bigging yourself up too much?

When you start a business of your own, writing about what it is that you do or the product you create can be overwhelming.

Lots of us may not have written regularly since school, never mind put stuff out in the public domain.

But when we start as business owners, we have to consistently create content for the many different communication channels; our social media, newsletters, e mails and websites.

So how do you build your confidence in writing?

In this podcast are nine pointers that will help you.

The key thing to remember is that if we reframe our content and see it as a way to give value to our customers or potential clients, then we are more likely to create it in the first place, and promote it so it serves its purpose.

These are the key timings in this episode:

1.00 - How to do write about technical subjects in a way that's easy to understand?

2.20 - The challenge business owners face with so many communications channels.

2.52 - We all feel awkward when we first start writing about our businesses.

3.10 - How I cringed when I had to write about what I did and why I resisted it for so long.

8.10 - Why you should give yourself time to find your voice and try to talk in your posts in the way you would in real life.

9.20 - Suzanne Gould - from feeling wobbly about writing to writing a 40,000 word book.

11.15 - Why you should write for your clients and not for your peers.

12.20 - Helen Motteram and how she walks in the shoes of her clients.

14.03 - Writing helpful and educational content and how this will make you more likely to promote it and delight your clients.

16.20 - Grammar and how to overcome any fears about this.

18.27 - Consider asking a friend or colleague to check over your work if you feel unsure about it.

20.15 - Read magazines and websites and find styles and formats you like.

21.24 - How you can use your writing to express your personality.

23.05 - Case study Alex Smith and how she used her blog to help owners get to know her and her values, so they felt like they already knew her.

25.14 - What to do if you'd like more support.

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