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Bonus. Combining Your Passion & What You Do - Brett Kaufman at OSU
Bonus Episode7th December 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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In this talk at The Ohio State University, Brett Kaufman tells the story of how, through trial and error, he ended up finding a way to incorporate the things he loves with the work he did for a living. From the lessons he picked up as a kid, to taking a career just to impress people, to finally finding a way to express himself creatively and purposefully with work that feels as though it makes a difference, to the creation of Gravity, an intentional living space met to spark fateful encounters and encourage creativity and collaboration.

Brett talks about:

  • Figuring out how to define your purpose
  • Doing our part to change the world
  • Brett’s early life and the lessons he picked up
  • Creating work-life integration
  • Integrating art into work
  • Being fully expressed as a human being
  • Why meditation is one of the most interesting things in the business world
  • Brett’s cliche introduction to transcendental meditation
  • The work of self-improvement
  • Cultivating the people and partners that go into Gravity --  partnerships that allowed you to become what you are
  • Investing in leadership, leadership development

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