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280 Anna Furmanov - Forever a Creator & Podcaster
22nd November 2021 • Podcast Junkies • Harry Duran
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Harry welcomes to the show marketing consultant, creator and entrepreneur, Anna Furmanov. Anna is the founder of Furmanov Marketing Consulting and ever since she was young, she’s wanted to be a creator. Anna is also the host of the Modern Startup Marketing Podcast, a show that shines a light on those startups that are taking their marketing efforts to the next level.

In this episode, Harry and Anna talk about Anna’s background in business and marketing. Anna speaks to how she thinks about marketing and the psychology behind the field. She shares her passion for helping others build powerful brands and businesses. Finally, Anna discusses how she has grown as a podcast host and discusses why she never sells to the guests who come on her show.



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06:17 – Harry and Anna talk about Anna’s decision to pursue podcasting as a means to grow her brand

11:22 – Anna’s background in business and marketing

14:07 – Forever a creator

21:42 – Common threads Anna has noticed about the startups she consults with

23:55 – Creativity and content creation

31:59 – How Anna thinks about her podcast as a marketer

37:45 – Anna’s growth as a podcast host

42:06 – The psychology of marketing

44:52 – Why Anna never ‘sells’

51:17 – Something Anna has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her

52:53 – Harry thanks Anna for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“First, think about what’s gonna get you excited because you’re gonna be talking for hours with people about this stuff. So you have to be excited about it. You have to know the space enough where you have thoughtful conversations if you’re going to be inviting guests onto your podcast.” (10:21) (Anna)

“I was working at a company and I thought, ‘I know I’m doing marketing, but I’m looking for a different kind of marketing.’ And so that’s when I went to work in the startup world and I immediately loved it. I loved how impactful it could be right away. I loved how messy it could be and I loved what marketing meant at a startup.” (12:42) (Anna)

“Being strategic, being more focused, I knew that I wanted to do that right away. So, for me, for my business it was figuring out who is my target buyer, what do they care about, what problems do they have? And I’m kind of close to that already because I am a Marketer at a startup.” (18:27) (Anna)

“The most important thing for content creation and creating awareness around your business or product is finding out what your target audience cares about, what is the actual content your gonna give them and what channels.” (24:18) (Anna)

“I wish I had access to a network of people that work in startups and are in marketing soI could ask them questions. And now I actually can because I have a platform.”(37:08)(Anna)


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