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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 60, 20th July 2021
The Purpose of Marketing
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The Purpose of Marketing

Most consumers now have access to a massive amount of knowledge about a brand's products and services. And consumer buying behavior is constantly evolving. So instead of just relying on your sales or marketing team to prepare elaborate marketing strategies, there are simple things you can do to boost your sales. But first, you have to understand the purpose of marketing and remember that there's nothing wrong with selling. People like to buy things that are good for them. So you should not be ashamed to sell, especially if you're sure that your product is what people need. 

In today's episode, Sharran talks about a different perspective of marketing summarized in the form of four questions. Tune in to find out how answering these questions can shift your thinking and help you sell more things to more people more often for more money. 

“Selling is just an invitation for people to do something with you that is good for them.” 

- Sharran Srivatsaa 


00:00 A different perspective on how you look at marketing 

02:20 Taking away the stigma from selling

05:35 The less friction, the better

07:25 How do I sell MORE THINGS 

12:31 How do I sell to MORE PEOPLE

14:43 How do I sell MORE OFTEN 

17:50 You don't have to sell every day, but you should show up every day

22:41 How do I sell for MORE MONEY

30:54 If you don't make money, you can't sustain the message


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