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Round Table | Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens Part Three
31st August 2021 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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“The people you spend your time with are your future.” That’s one of the takeaways from Robert Kiyosaki’s book. Today Russ and Joey have their teen daughters back on the show to conclude the review of Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens. Part 3 is all about “Creating Your Own Cash Flow,” which includes money-making opportunities for teens, managing assets using piggy banks, good and bad debts, and having a financial head start. 

Overall, the book provides valuable financial lessons for young people, which will be very useful as they graduate from college, and go out into the real world. So stay tuned to hear lessons straight from these four girls who are lucky to have parents determined to give them a strong financial foundation and help them think bigger at a young age. 

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About the Teens:

Alexandria (Xan) Morgan, 15, and Cate Morgan, 13, are the daughters of Russ Morgan, an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Annie Mure, 15, and Lily Kate Mure, 13, are the daughters of Joey Mure, Chief Financial Coach and an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner in Birmingham, Alabama. These teens are fortunate to have parents who teach them financial literacy at a young age giving them better chances of success in life.