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Episode 12: CLS to MLS: The Trailblazing Journey behind Texas State University's Clinical Program Name Change
Episode 1216th April 2024 • eLABorate Topics • dibroadcasting
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In this episode, we chat with Dr. Rodney Rohde and delve into the dynamic world of laboratory science and the journey of transformation led at Texas State University. Dr. Rohde shares insights into the pivotal decision to transition the program's name from Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) to Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), reflecting the evolving landscape of healthcare education and practice.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at the extensive two-year process Dr. Rohde and his team undertook to officially change the name of his university's program from Clinical Laboratory Science to Medical Laboratory Science. From building proposals to updating curricula and signage, he walks us through the key steps, challenges, and relatively low costs involved.

As the landscape of healthcare undergoes rapid evolution, it becomes imperative for educational institutions to adapt accordingly. Tune in as Dr. Rohde provides insights into the meticulous process involved in rebranding the program, navigating bureaucratic hurdles, garnering support from stakeholders, and ultimately implementing the change.

Key Take Aways: 

  • Challenges and Opportunities: Discover the challenges faced by the program in aligning with contemporary healthcare paradigms and the opportunities arising from embracing change.
  • Strategies for Transformation: Hear firsthand how Dr. Rohde navigated the process of renaming the program, including stakeholder engagement, curriculum revisions, and fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Impact and Future Outlook: Learn about the impact of this transformation on students, faculty, and the broader healthcare community, as well as the future direction of MLS education at Texas State University.

This episode is a must-listen for educators, healthcare professionals, and anyone passionate about the advancement of the laboratory profession.  Join us as we explore the power of adaptation and innovation in shaping the future of healthcare education.

Check out these resources referenced during this episode:

  •  [Webinar]

Special Guest Bio:

Dr. Rodney Rohde has published over 90 research articles and abstracts, two books, and is a highly sought keynote presenter with over 100 international, national, and state conference presentations. His two books focus on Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) adaptation and Clinical Considerations in Rabies. In recent years, he has become a globally viral author subject matter expert utilizing invited articles, TEDx talks, podcasts, video casts, and interviews to enhance science communication and translational health research literacy in public health, healthcare, and the medical laboratory environment.

During the #SARSCoV2 / #COVID19 pandemic, Doc R is the #1 quoted Texas State subject matter expert and conducted over 150 interviews for podcasts, TV, newspapers, and internet sites including dozens of webinars and workshops at all levels. He has received numerous awards and honors during his career, and most recently, added to The Pathologist’s PowerList 2020 and Cardinal Health’s Laboratory Excellence List (2022).


Listeners can connect with Dr. Rodney Rohde at

Personal Website:

Twitter: @RodneyRohde | @TXST_CLS | @TXST_THR

Linkedin: [personal] 
[Texas State CLS Program]

Facebook: [personal] [Texas State CLS Program] [Texas State Translational Health Research] [Youtube channel]

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