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Episode 413 – The State of Parenting Your Raging Boss
Episode 41316th January 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Todd and Sean try and fail at Scottish accents in an ode to the Rage Rage Podcast (0:22), sliding into their own accents from the Canadian East Coast and Wynston’s cat claws (4:32). Sean had a bad parenting moment involving the game Dying Light (10:56). The boys discuss Zombie games and fly into a chat about the game State of Decay, and how NOT to last 100 days in the game (18:54). We circle back around to the main event: stealing a topic from the Rage Rage Podcast: Bosses (30:24). We discuss managers without training, using fear to reign people in, bad examples of discipline, training versus experience, and using learning to fix a toilet with becoming a good manager.

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