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Start Marketing - Katlynn Pyatt EPISODE 9, 14th May 2020
How to create a content strategy for small businesses
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How to create a content strategy for small businesses

A content strategy is identifying a process that streamlines creating your social media posts and allows you to be more efficient.

If you’re not posting content that adds value to your audiences’ lives and doing it consistently, it’s hard to gain any traction. And the reason you want to post valuable and consistent content is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It demonstrates your value and elevates you in the minds of your audience.

So, where do you start? If you’re new to social media as a business or don’t have a ton of time on your hands, the easiest place to start is by posting things like:

-      Behind the scenes photos of the day to day stuff.

-      New products or projects that you’re working on.

-      Create videos or tutorials.

-      What you're doing today.

-      Talk about your favorite finds.

-      Industry info. You’ll teach them something and establish yourself as an expert; things that subconsciously elevate you in your audience’s mind.

If you’re already doing these things or you’re looking to take your social media to the next level, let’s talk through what that can look like.

  • Start with a long form piece of content
  • Break that content in to 5-7 posts for the week in Trello
  • Keep a running list of hashtags you can pull from
  • Create images for each post using Canva Pro
  • Copy/Paste from Trello in to Buffer, add images
  • Boom. You're done.

Download this content process at: getauthenticbranding.com/resources

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