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507: The Dangerous Closet of Secrets – Elaine Pasqua
Episode 5072nd March 2022 • Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud! • Rick Clemons - LGBTQ+ Expert
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We all have secrets. We all keep Secrets. And, all those secrets cause pain and trauma. Sharing her own secret, as an LGBTQ ally, Elaine Pasqua takes us on a journey of a family secret that took her own Mother and Step Father that led her to turn to one community, that helped her find solace, while that community was having the world turn their backs on them.

About Elaine

A 6’5″ 250-pound man once looked at Elaine Pasqua standing at 5’3″ and said: “You are the biggest little thing I’ve ever seen!” For 25 years this funny, passionate, and energetic woman has been traversing the country, helping her clients obtain peak performance through positive relationships and choices. She has worked with countless businesses and associations, 31 professional sports teams across the NFL, NBA, and MLB, hundreds of college campuses, our military leaders, and high schools and parent groups. Her passion lies in transforming people to create stronger, innovative teams to increase business profits. When Elaine is not traveling for fun, or singing with friends, you can find her home in her gardens with plenty of dirt under her fingernails!

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