How Do You Engage Hearts and Minds A Conversation with Marcelo Montero
Episode 830th November 2021 • THE NEURO SIDE OF INFLUENCE AND LEADERSHIP • René Rodriguez
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“It’s not that you want people to do what YOU want, which is a very shortsighted definition of influencing. To me, the role of a leader is to engage people in a way that they do what THEY want.”

Today’s episode is a conversation with Marcelo Montero (recently retired from Cargill, Inc after 30 years) about his passion for storytelling and how he’s used it to help engage and motivate his teams across his professional career. Marcelo is passionate about driving strategic business transformation and growth, helping move thinking beyond what is believed possible, and fostering heart-based leadership to help others achieve their dreams. 

He held leadership positions in Cargill’s food, salt and protein businesses for almost 30 years, including strategy and growth for the company’s global Protein and Salt platform, and presided over Salt in North America, Health & Nutrition and Specialty Sweeteners globally, and Flour Milling in South America. With a degree in economics from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, as well as a master’s degree in Agricultural & Applied Economics and an MBA from the University of Minnesota, Marcelo’s expertise and experience are second to none, and in this episode he’s sharing some of that with you!

This interview was conducted in 2020.

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