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64. Creating the American Dream: Learning Through Action with Ilya Bodner
Episode 643rd May 2021 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Ilya Bodner is the founder of numerous start-ups and has a unique perspective on innovation. A first-generation Uzbek immigrant, Ilya set his sights on achieving the American dream while paying his way through Ohio State University. His entrepreneurial spirit, one instilled in him as a child, hasn’t slowed down.

He joins the Gravity Podcast to discuss his business philosophies, what fuels his passion and his three rules for launching a new company. 

What Brett asks:

  • [03:25] Tell me a little bit about your childhood and what shaped you in early life.
  • [06:15] What memories do you have of moving to the United States?
  • [09:55] What was this period in your life like for your parents?
  • [13:10] Was America what you expected at age 10?
  • [22:20] Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from?
  • [26:45] Tell me a bit about your first entrepreneurial outings.
  • [30:40] How was your college experience?
  • [39:00] Do you prefer launching new business ventures or running operations once they’re established?
  • [48:10] What would you say are the biggest learning experiences that led to you founding Bold Penguin?
  • [52:40] You’ve achieved the American dream. Does it live up to expectations and what’s your next goal?

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