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The Life You Really Want with Lauren Hornacek
Episode 246th May 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode Kristin talks about what it is we really want from our careers and how to ensure we are living fulfilling lives, with Lauren Hornacek.

Lauren Hornacek is an empowerment expert who works with ambitious women who found success in their careers and yet are left feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. She coaches women who know something needs to change, but have no idea where to start. She shares about her personal journey and what she’s learned over the past several years. Lauren leads an intensive program called Finding Freedom, and she offers her Values Assessment Tool for a special price of $99 to the EA community.

Episode Highlights

10:05 – Why we are stuck - part of it is the way we are raised in our society. And we do not pause and ask ourselves: Is this what I want?

14:38 – Get clear on the why behind the stuff – who am I doing this for, and why.

20:48 – We can overcome fear, managing our thoughts and having the awareness when fear comes up. – Take one step. Do not worry about all the other steps. Just do the next thing.

24:00 – Warning signs that we are stuck - notice your habits: eating, sleeping, canceling plans with your friends.

25:30 – Do not be impulsive. Gain clarity on where you want to go. And if you do not know where you want to go, on how you want to feel.

31:14 – When you schedule time for yourself it empowers you to do it unapologetically.


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