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The Mystery Behind Magic With Csanád And Robbie | TSMP #064
Episode 6425th July 2021 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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The Mystery Behind Magic is a fantastic podcast for ever-learning magicians. It is hosted by talented UK magicians Csanád Kiss and Robbie Stevens. Their podcast is a phenomenal source for insights into the world of magic and mentalism.

In this episode, both the podcasts have joined forces. Csanád and Robbie join the TSM Boys for an in-depth discussion on multiple topics like goal setting, identifying performance niches, staying true to your vision, and being authentic.

Furthermore, Csanád, Robbie, Aidan, and Ashley spill the beans about important lessons they learned through podcast creation. This is a conversation you wouldn’t want to miss.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:45] Csanád’s and Robbie’s Key Learning From TMBM Podcast
  • [05:00] TSM Boys’ Key Learning From TSM Podcast
  • [10:40] Setting Ambitious Goals And Growing Constantly
  • [14:00] What Would You Do After Accomplishing All Your Goals?
  • [17:00] Identifying Your Niche And Gaining Expertise
  • [19:15] Authenticity: Interval Reality vs. External Reality
  • [24:10] Achieving Your Vision Through Mindset Shift
  • [30:00] What Is The ONE THING That Matters?
  • [34:40] Going Beyond The Trick-Based Performing Approach
  • [39:30] Helping Young Magicians Learn Differently
  • [44:00] Stop Consuming Tricks And Start Growing As A Performer
  • [48:30] What Does It Mean To Be Performer-Centric?
  • [54:00] Having Clarity Of Thought Each Day

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