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The Thriving Artist - The Clark Hulings Fund 10th October 2015
Genre Boundaries, Gallery Opportunities

Genre Boundaries, Gallery Opportunities

Philip Koch, is a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, specializing in landscape realism. He has also been a Clark Hulings Fund Grant Review Panelist for 3 years running. In this episode of the Thriving Artist Podcast, Philip talks about the significance of genre/style for an artistic career, and the business end (selling things) via galleries and dealers.

Topics include:

  • Crossing the abstract/realism divide
  • Genre biases and reaching one's artistic/career potential
  • The avante garde in light of its predecessors
  • Education and the role of history and tradition
  • Getting work into galleries
  • The universal grammar of art
  • Being a panelist (and applying for a grant) at CHF

Listen now, or download and take this episode with you on your phone or mobile device. Philip's website is philipkoch.org and you can meet other members of the CHF grant review panel on our panel page.

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