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Episode 15210th July 2023 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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We coaches are contantly looking forward. What's next. Where is there room to improve. What can we do better as a coach? But sometimes the answers are already there for us - if we just take a peek into our recent past.

With Alicia on a trip with her daughter's soccer team this week, I was struggling with what to air on the podcast. We've got bootcamp coming up quickly, we have so many lessons we still want to share, but I want to have Alicia here to discuss them... And then it hit me. We already have AMAZING content that I'm certain you could benefit from.

So in honor of Bootcamp (doors open July 24!) I'm going to refer you to our past bootcamp special guests to hear how some of the ALL STARS of softball coaching develop their team culture!

Simply head to the podcast notes & you'll see the links for our episodes with Florida State's Lonni Alameda, Michigan's Hutch & Bonnie Tholl, Patrick Murphy from Alabama, Sue Enquist formerly of UCLA and Mike Candrea - recently retired from the University of Arizona.

Then if you're as inspired as we were, we hope you consider joining this round's bootcamp where we'll help you BUILD that kind of culture! Just head to and join to be notified when tickets go on sale!

I know you're excited now, so check those out!