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Stephanie Mertz, CTO and Founder of Eisen, Is Making Sure Your Fintech Assets Do Not Go to the State.
Episode 4121st April 2023 • Pipeline Superheroes • Grant Cohen
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Stephanie Mertz, CTO and Founder, Eisen comes on the Pipeline Superheroes to discuss escheatment and what it means for the FinTech operator and consumer.

Escheatment refers to the process of turning custody of abandoned assets or accounts over to a state authority.

We have a wide-ranging conversation including the following topics:,

  • Leveraging partnerships to build out a service–provider solution as well as business development
  • Being a technical founder and having to learn how to do ‘doing’ before ‘building’
  • Detecting marketing pull within the fintech community

I hope you enjoy, and as always, if you want to learn more about Bloom Growth Studio scales pipeline for B2B businesses, give us a shout here.