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CC: Lets Talk Sex, "Understanding Teen Sexual Behavior: A Father's Insight" w/ PhD. Armon Perry,
Episode 712th January 2024 • Common Conversations • "That Guy" Miguel Hampton
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Lets Talk Sex,

A Father's Perspective About Teen Sexual Behavior w/ Armon Perry

Welcome to our Podcast! In this engaging and thought-provoking Podcast, we present a unique perspective on teen sexual behavior from a father's point of view. Titled "Understanding Teen Sexual Behavior: A Father's Insight," this insightful discussion delves deep into the realities, challenges, and lessons that come with navigating this delicate topic. As a concerned parent and advocate for open dialogue, our host shares personal experiences and expert advice to foster understanding and communication surrounding teen sexual behavior and more... Welcome to Common Conversations Let's Talk Sex!

Podcast Host: Miguel Hampton MSM, Riece Hamilton, Dr. Ashley Anderson, Amira Bryant

Podcast Guest: Armon R. Perry, Ph.D., MSW (he, him, his), Professor and BSW Program Director at the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work and Family Science where he teaches Introduction to Social Work and Social Work Practice with Families. Dr. Perry’s research efforts center on the intrapersonal, interpersonal and external factors that influence men’s involvement in the lives of their children, as well as the impact of that involvement on the well-being of the family. 

Author of: Black Love Matters

Purchase at: Link:'s-Voices-on-Marriages-and-Romantic-Relationships

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