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Most Extreme Stunt From Jackass We Think We Could Do
Episode 767th July 2022 • The Podcast Nobody Asked For • The Podcast Nobody Asked For
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Hi we're Ian and Graham, Welcome to The Podcast Nobody Asked For. Not that anybody asked but this week we are building our ramps and trying to get health insurance because we're talking about Jackass. Johnny Knoxville and the gang were, bizarrely, a cultural sensation in the 00s and we are eternally grateful for that, but which of their more extreme stunts do we think we could do? What will make our final Top 3 list this week? Expect tottering with the bulls, cheese rolling and Silly Chaps.

You can find the trailers for our choices, and other things referenced, on this youtube playlist.

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In this episode Ian mentions a tattooist who does awesome celtic inspired pop culture tattoos (along with other awesome work) the particular piece can be found here