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Brandology™ - David Mauro EPISODE 19, BONUS EPISODE, 25th August 2020
Leading Author Dr Rosie Ward-Rehumanizing The Workforce-EP 19

Leading Author Dr Rosie Ward-Rehumanizing The Workforce-EP 19

An incredibly insightful and influential discussion with Dr. Rosie Ward, entrepreneur and founder of consulting firm, Salveo Partners, and nationally acclaimed author on Leadership and Business Culture. Rosie discusses successful leadership methods and building a culture which both retains employees and improves productivity.

She clearly articulates how creating an employee-first culture, one that is devoid of micromanagement is proven the most effective, productive, and profitable leadership approach to culture. She also explains how culture is not a top-down phenomenon but one that grows from grass-roots and permeates the entire organization.

A certified Dare-To-Lead™ facilitator Rosie was inspired by leaders like Bob Chapman of Barry-Wehmiller and Brene Brown. She adopts their proven framework on how employee-first cultures work best.

We are excited to discuss her announcement on her newly published book, “Rehumanizing The Workplace: Future-Proofing Your Organization While Restoring Hope”, published by Conscious Capitalism Press (March 24, 2020).

Thoughtful insight for Millennials/GenZ employees who want to lead but may not hold a leadership title. Rosie explains how everyone can lead regardless of title.

Learn about drive and determination, insight and what it takes to lead.

Dr Rosie Ward site: https://drrosieward.com/

Check out Rosie on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rward/

THEMES: integrity, culture, leadership, female entrepreneurship, motivational, brand, Dr. Rosie Ward, Rehumanizing The Workplace.


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