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How to Automate Consistency
Episode 11326th July 2022 • Business School • Sharran Srivatsaa
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There's a quote that says, "Talent gets you noticed, but consistency gets you paid." But no one ever tells you how to do it. What if someone gives you a very simple system that allows you to automate consistency? In this episode, Sharran breaks down his 3-part process of building a habit to do anything in your life, even the things that you think you hate doing. So imagine if you can do anything that you want. Once you get this concept, it will change the way you look at everything.

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“To do great things, you have to do fewer things.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa 


00:00 How to automate consistency

02:46 3 BIG ideas that we're going to talk about today

03:33 A quick story of where this idea came from

04:23 What are you proud of in your life?

06:10 How to do great things

08:18 What is the 10-year accelerator and how does it help you make decisions?

10:24 The Habit Loop (Trigger-Action-Reward)

16:13 The fastest way to get on autopilot

17:36 People love your truth

18:40 Quick recap of today’s topic


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