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Editorial humility: Who’s the boss of the book?
Episode 1057th December 2022 • The Editing Podcast • Louise Harnby (fiction editor) and Denise Cowle (non-fiction editor)
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We discuss editorial humility and the question we should ask ourselves at the start of every project: Who’s the boss of the book?

Listen to find out more about

  • Why the author is the boss of their book
  • The kinds of changes we make
  • Explaining the why of our edits
  • Working with anxious authors
  • Discovering the root of the author's worries
  • Sample editing to reassure both parties
  • Establishing the terms of service
  • How editors provide services, not products
  • When editors do get to be the boss
  • 'Humbly, your copyeditor' (Liz Jones, Responsive Editing)

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Denise and Louise

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