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Minding Your Purpose Podcast - Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, LMSW EPISODE 4, 8th October 2020
When You Don't Feel Supported
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When You Don't Feel Supported

With over 17 years of social service experience, Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, LMSW is the Founder of Healing Black Women which serves as a safe space designed to encourage and promote all forms of wellness/healing for black women. She is also the Chief Editor of HealingBlackWomen.com. Currently, she works as a Mental Health Clinician. Most recently, she held the position of Director of Outreach for the National Office of Mental Health America. She is an established/nationally recognized speaker and has spoken on various platforms/panels with entities such as Eventbrite, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Austin Black Pride, Environmental Protection Agency, Council on Social Work Minority Fellowship Program, Kaiser Permanente, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization to name a few. IG: @LaqwandasHeart 

Minding Your Purpose Podcast


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