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Sustainable Investments - Changing the Narrative, with Zach Stein, Co-Founder The Carbon Collective
29th September 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“The fossil fuel industry is an industry in decline - being outcompeted by better technologies. The narrative we’re fighting against is that solving climate change is a sacrifice. We cannot afford not to have the best marketers around the world world focused on exactly this.”

A truly informative episode where we talk with Zach Stein, Co Founder of The Carbon Collective about the realities of sustainable investment - from a personal perspective.

Zach shares so many insights, backed up with real-world examples. What’s clear is that aligned with changing behaviour, we need to change the ingrained narratives around climate change - namely being, it’s not a sacrifice, but indeed an incredible opportunity - providing exciting opportunity for innovation and doing things differently. “The world isn’t going to up give air conditioning - we need to find ways to still have the lifestyles we have, but in a way that is not threatening to our climate.”

We talk about how when we change the narrative, it can have a dramatic impact. He shares data about the US coal index and how over the period from 2011-2022 it fell 99%. This wasn’t because we stopped using coal – but because the narrative around coal changed. Coal no longer has a long term future – the narrative has switched to coal fundamentally being an industry in decline. Leading to divestment in the fossil fuel industry and investment into smarter technologies.

Of course with profits at an all time high, it’s unlikely any fossil fuel industry isn’t going to continue making hay whilst the sun shines - Zach states that these companies have queues of customers coming out of their offices and all around many blocks. So the key isn’t to try and get the fossil fuel industry to change, which is unlikely to happen - but instead - to get to the people in the queues and make them aware that there is a better way, more financially viable, better for their personal environment, cleaner air etc - and of course, better for the planet.

“As you’re weighing up which personal actions you should take – look at the big pieces of your life, the gears that run your life in the background – the big weighty decisions – green your investments, move your money, move your energy – the good news is, once it’s done, it’s done.”

Latest research from Make your Money Matter reveals that the carbon footprint of FTSE100 pensions is 7 times higher than the total reported emissions of those companies! Yes, that’s right – the emissions financed by company pensions is 7x higher than the emissions produced by those businesses. And with £20BN invested in company pensions annually, as Zach states, instead of being invested in fossil fuels that money could be invested in things like clean technology and renewable energy instead. And that starts with you.

Take action, read more via Make your Money Matter here

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the podcast, motivating, action focused and filled with lots of practical advice and direction.

More information about The Carbon Collective and Zach Stein here.

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