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Dealing with a Grumpy Mood
Episode 1328th April 2022 • Become A Calm Mama • Darlynn Childress
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A grumpy mood is totally normal - for you, your kid, and sometimes everyone at once! 

In this episode of Become a Calm Mama, I’m giving you a few strategies for handling moments when you’re dealing with a grumpy kid, grumpy parents or when the whole family is in a grumpy mood.


When You Have a Grumpy Kid

Your kid is entitled to their moods. 

It’s actually their job to learn how to manage their own thoughts and feelings. 

Pain, discomfort, and grumpiness are inevitable. It's not the avoidance of pain that is the's the work of processing emotional pain that we want to help our kids with.

Don’t try to fix it. Just observe. Be their compassionate witness. It’s just a moment. Let it be what it is and wait for it to pass. 


When There are Grumpy Parents

Just as it’s normal for your kids to be grumpy, it’s also normal for you.

You can just be grumpy and you don’t have to actually do anything about it (but you can if you want to). 

I’ll walk you step-by-step through my process for shifting into a better mood.


When Everyone is Grumpy

Ever planned a "really fun" thing for you and your kids and it turns into tears, fights and disappointment?

Grumpy moods, sibling fights and stressed parents can make even the most fun activities feel terrible.

If no one is “feeling it” and you push through anyway, you might end up feeling more angry than if you would have stopped earlier.

When you decide on an activity or event, be flexible. Forcing something or continuing to do an activity even when everyone is “done” will leave you all feeling frustrated.


You'll Learn: 

  • How not to let your kid ruin your mood
  • How to support your grumpy kid
  • How to use my Connection Tool to shift your own mood
  • How you can plan family activities and outings to accommodate moods and avoid disappointment


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