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Battle of Midway: Iowa Preview
Episode 1019th November 2020 • Blue and White Brothers • Penn State Football by Tom & Andy Gathman
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Now midway through the season, Tom and Andy talk about Penn State's upcoming battle against Iowa, a perennially tough matchup that presents an opportunity for a season-defining turnaround. Tom pours himself a tall bourbon to get him through the episode as the boys don’t even offer up a score prediction at the end.

Show Notes:

- Battle of Midway movies:

Midway (2019) with Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid, Aaron Eckhart, Luke Evans, Patrick Wilson, and Ed Skrein, among many others:

Midway (1976) with Charlton Heston, Peter Fonda, and James Coburn, among many others:

- If you’re interested in checking out Hardcore History by Dan Carlin, check out episode 1 of Supernova in the East:

- Steve Martin (Lucky Day) from The Three Amigos giving his El Guapo speech:

- Monday Depth Chart:

- Franklin’s Tuesday Press Conference:



- Kirk Ferentz Press Conference:


- 2018 Sean Clifford Article (1 free article before pay-wall): 

Penn State’s Perfect Backup Quarterback: Sean Clifford’s Folkloric Start

- Andy from The Office punches hole in the wall:

- The Perfect Storm (2000):

- 2004 Iowa at Penn State, the 6-4 Game:

- 2002 Iowa at Penn State Game. A great comeback game after a brutal start. The refs screwed PSU multiple times, including in OT that led to JoePa chasing the ref down after the game:

- Jason Oweh is the team’s second leading tackler behind Ellis Brooks. He has 27 total tackles to Brooks 31. Oweh has more than double the number of tackles that Shaka Toney has, which is 12.


Getting to the red zone hasn’t been Penn State’s issue, it’s finishing the job that has been the difference for the Nittany Lions. Penn State has been there 19 times and scored just eight touchdowns. On top of that, they have been in the red zone and gone without any points at all seven times, including twice in the fourth quarter on Saturday at Nebraska. The Nittany Lions’ 63.2 percent conversion rate is 123rd out of 126 FBS programs this season. The struggles have been a direct reflection of two major deficiencies so far this year. Penn State has just four rushing touchdowns in four games and two of those came from inside the red zone (and one, of course, came as a result of Indiana letting Ford into the end zone). Passing accuracy has been an issue all over the field for Penn State, but it’s been magnified in the red zone. That hasn’t been more apparent than last week against Nebraska, as the Nittany Lions finished 2-of-11 passing for 21 yards and no scores in the red area. For the season, Penn State is 12-of-28 passing for 107 yards and six touchdowns inside the 20. The windows get tighter, accuracy and touch are highlighted, and Penn State has come up mighty short in the red zone this season. Only Illinois has been worse in the Big Ten.