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Episode 6: Automatic for the People - the rise of robotic mowers
Episode 616th August 2020 • INSIDE AGRI-TURF • Chris Biddle
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In this episode I speak to Ken Brewster, UK Sales and Marketing Director for Husqvarna Group and Lincolnshire garden machinery dealer, Gavin Bird of Green Stripe Garden Machinery about the increasing popularity of robotic mowers.

We hear about 'Bob', a robotic mower installed by Gavin at his premises in 2006, and which has so far clocked up almost 35,000 hours of operation over 14 years with minimal maintenance costs.

Many robotic mowers are sold in 'clusters' as the most effective sales people are existing owners who tell their neighbours and friends about the benefits of 'hand-free' mowing.

The mowers also appeal to those who find mowing the lawn a chore, and who discover that the purchase price is often much cheaper than installing ecologically damaging synthetic 'grass'.




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