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Indo-Pacific 2023 - Adjusting to the post DSR environment, with Schiebel Pacific and SYPAQ
Episode 6222nd November 2023 • Australian Defence Magazine Podcast • Australian Defence Magazine
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During Indo Pacific 2023, Grant McHerron met with Fabian Knechtl, Managing Director of Schiebel Pacific, to discuss the impacts of the current government's delays to Project Sea 129 Phase 5 Block 1, and Schiebel Pacific's civilian work with their Camcopter system. We discuss how Schiebel is responding to the delay of Phase 5, their work with other navies in the Pacific, and the benefits that their autonomous Camcopter offers emergency services.

Our second interview for this episode is with Amanda Holt, CEO of SYPAQ, about their Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System successes, and the impacts to the Australian defence industry due to the government delaying important decisions. We discuss their progress following the launch of their flat pack cardboard drones, the response from civilians and Defence, and how diversification has secured SYPAQ's longevity following the DSR. We also review how the Defence industry needs to adjust their procurement and delivery styles to reduce risk and cost concerns.


Indo-Pacific 23 - ADM Updates


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