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Sales IQ Podcast - Luigi Prestinenzi 15th November 2019
The value of having an SDR team with John Barrows
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The value of having an SDR team with John Barrows

This week on the sales IQ Podcast we are excited to have John Barrows join us to discuss all things Sales. This week we have an interesting theme… and that theme is SDR Selling. John is one of the top sales people in the world and he shares so much of his knowledge that we hope you are ready to unpack everything you hear.

John has recently created and started selling an awesome Sales book… and its for the kids!! Titled ‘I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!’ John highlights the best parts of being in sales and his book shows how the perception around sales people needs to change.

Where you can find John:

When I grow up I want to be in sales!



[00:00] – Luigi discuss this weeks podcast topic

[05:00] – John introduces himself and how he got into the sales profession 

[09:10] – Why did the copier industry embrace sales training?

[14:20] – The importance of investing in SDR’s 

[15:50] – the future of the SDR role

[19:20] – Sales is a science not an art… we didn’t bring it up this time!

[21:30] – The importance of outlook and your mindset in sales

[28:10] – The motivation for ‘I want to be in Sales when i grow up

[37:00] – Embracing technology to improve your career 

[45:00] – Biggest influence in John Barrow’s career